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Don't Go Up Against Your Insurance Company Alone

Proving your insurance loss requires a specialist. The average policy holder has only one loss in their lifetime, and therefore is not usually qualified to properly determine the value of lost products, goods and facilities. Relying solely on the insurance company to prepare your damage claim puts your settlement at risk. Our professional and licensed public adjusters provide documentation critical to maximizing your settlement.

Protect Your Settlement

Action Public Adjusters works for you, not the insurance company, to ensure a prompt and fair settlement.

Action Public Adjusters handles all claim types

Commercial Properties
Residential Properties
Investment Properties
Condominium Properties

We protect your best interests.

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Our Process

7 steps to get the most of your claim


Secure yourself and your property

Once you retain us as your public adjuster, we will make arrangements to secure and protect your property, as well as assist you in making arrangements for temporary housing.

Review and analyze your policy

Our team will sit down with you to thoroughly examine your insurance policy to determine your status, responsibilities, coverages and limitations.

Inspect your property

We’ll conduct a personal on-site exam of the damage, substantiate it, and prepare a detailed list of the inventory that needs to be reconstructed.

Prepare inventory and documentation

We’ll prepare an item-by-item list of all the property destroyed or damaged and its current replacement value or cost to repair.

Prepare detailed insurance claim

With the information we have gathered, we will put together a claim detailing the damages that have occurred as well as a list of estimated costs to return your property to its original condition.

Review and submit claim

We will review our written claim with you and submit it to your insurance company. We handle all communication, meetings, and negotiation with the insurance company on your behalf.

Obtain settlement

We guarantee to do everything possible to obtain a fair and prompt settlement from your insurance company.


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