10 Questions to ask before hiring a public insurance adjuster

A public adjuster helps individuals who are filing an insurance claim due to fires, water/flood damage, natural disasters, and more. As insurance companies tend to prolong or deny the payment of a claim, a public adjuster can be a great asset to help you through the process. Here are some questions to ask before you hire a public insurance adjuster.

The insurance company sent out an adjuster, so why do I need a public adjuster?

The insurance company pays its adjuster to handle the claims and protect their best interest, not yours. The public adjuster only works for the policyholder, meaning you, and representing your interest and maximizing the claim for the insured property.

The insurance company and their adjuster say that hiring a public adjuster will delay and slow the process.

The insurance company has an advantage when you don’t understand the process. Insurance contracts can be confusing and leave policyholders unsure of what is covered. When you hire a public adjuster, you aren’t slowing down the process, rather it levels the playing field with the insurance company’s adjuster.

How does a public insurance adjuster help me?

Relying solely on your insurance to calculate the amount of damage decreases the chance for a full and fair settlement. The insurance company's interest is to mitigate the payout and their adjuster may value damages or omit damages to your property differently than you would. Many times insurance companies will say you are not covered for some of your damages. Their offer will not even come close to the value needed to restore the damage to your property. Action Public Adjusters can ensure you fair settlements and relieve you of the work and stress in preparing an filing a claim for your home or business.

Who does my insurance company speak with after I hire a public adjuster?

When you sign a contract with a public adjuster, they will notify your insurance company. From then on, all communication will be directed to the public adjuster. The public adjuster will keep you informed of all communication ensuring you are aware of the progress of your claim.

The insurance company sent out a mitigation company to help clean up. Should I always just use this company?

Insurance companies will send out their own preferred contractors, like mitigation and restoration companies, to define the scope of the damage and estimated costs for repair. Their job is to protect the financial interests of the insurance company not to protect your best interest as the policyholder.

The insurance company is offering to payout immediately. Why would this be a problem?

Insurance companies lead you to believe that a quick payout is your best option. What looks like great customer service from your insurance may actually be an attempt for you to settle for less money. Don’t rush or sign anything until you fully understand all the fine print in your claim.

My damage is extensive, how can I be sure to recover all my damages?

Severe damage to your property creates all kinds of complications. You may miss the damage that is covered in your insurance policy. Working with experienced public adjusters helps ensure you will not miss any damage that could be included in your claim.

What should I do if my insurance carrier delays the claim?

Insurance carriers are required to respond to you and process your claim in a specified time period when certain conditions are met. The public adjuster understands these timelines and will ensure the process keeps moving.

How do I pay for Public Adjuster services? Will my insurance company pay for this?

A public adjuster is paid on a contingency fee basis, meaning that the fee comes from the proceeds you receive from the insurance company. When interviewing adjusters, discuss in detail their fee structure, understand that the average fee is 25% or less. The fee is dependent upon the size, type, and status of your claim.

I have already settled my claim and now discovered there are additional damages I was not aware of; can I get a public adjuster involved now?

As long as you did not sign a full and final release, you can involve a public adjuster. You may be required to sign a proof of loss in order to receive a check from the insurance company. Also, note that there may be a statute of limitations that may apply to your claim. For further information about the statute of limitations in your state, contact Action Public Adjusters.

Action Public Adjusters is a licensed insurance adjuster firm that helps you with your claim with your best interest in mind. Contact Action Public Adjusters for assistance with commercial, residential, investment property and condominium insurance claims.