How to keep your home safe from the hurricane season

Although we like to hope for the best, there’s no telling what this year’s hurricane season will bring.

While you can’t control when a hurricane happens, here are some steps you can take that might limit the damages and protect you and your family.

Protect Yourself and Your Property

Reinforce Windows and Doors

As strong winds are expected, make sure to reinforce your windows and doors. Be sure to board up your windows, or install reinforced windows and doors designed to withstand against hurricane-strength winds.

Secure Outdoor Items and Remove Debris

Hurricane winds can turn outdoor belongings and debris into hazardous projectiles to your home. When strong winds are expected, remove dead trees and loose limbs and move any outdoor items into a garage, shed, or basement if possible. 

Protect Your Valuables

Move any of your valuable items to a higher floor in your home when expecting a flood. Be sure to think ahead and document and photograph items you’d include in an insurance claim if lost or ruined.

Turn off Utilities

It’s best to know where the shutoffs of each utility are and learn how to turn them off before an emergency occurs.

In the event of a hurricane, turn off all utilities in your home to prevent fires, floods, or gas leaks.

Get The Proper Insurance For Your Home

Knowing what is and isn’t covered before the next big storm can help you feel confident that your home is protected. For example, a standard homeowner policy may not cover flood damage, so you will likely have to purchase flood insurance as a separate policy.

If you live in an area susceptible to hurricanes or any other natural disasters, you may want to consider upgrading your insurance policy to completely protect your home.

You may never be fully prepared for the hurricane season, but if your home has suffered from loss, Action Public Adjusters can help you restore your home, commercial building, condominium, or investment property to its original state.