Protect your building from spreading fires

Fires are among the most devastating disasters that could affect your property. Often caused by humans or lightning, wildfires can occur anywhere and wreak havoc on a home, people, or animals.

There are many ways to prevent building or house fires to ensure the safety of your family.

Fireproof Your Roof

Embers, which are small pieces of burning or glowing coal or wood, often land on roofs during a wildfire. They can ignite a fire that could quickly envelop the whole house or building. The best possible protection is to have your roof constructed from non-flammable materials, like asphalt shingles, metal, slate or tile. Unfortunately, many homes use wood shingles, which are flammable. Homeowners who do not want the hassle of re-roofing can treat their wooded roof with fire retardant or install a rooftop sprinkler system.

Secure the Perimeter of Your House

Especially during wildfire season, it’s crucial to clear out debris from around your home. The National Fire Protection Association advises moving flammable debris at least 30 feet away from your building. Create a zone that can slow down or possibly redirect a fire away from your home. You will need to remove all combustible debris from around your home or building, such as wood, landscaping, or propane tanks. Remove tree or shrub branches that overhang within 10 feet of your home, roof, or chimney.

Keep Embers Out of Your Home

Homes are inevitably filled with flammable materials like carpets and furniture, so if embers were to blow inside, your house may catch fire. Make sure to cover any exterior vent openings with hardware cloth. Embers can slip through rooftop openings, so be sure to replace any missing shingles or tiles.

Windows are another weak point for fires to spread into your home. Radiant heat can crack or even break windows, allowing embers inside the house. If possible, reinforce windows with double-paned and tempered glass, as they can withstand high temperatures.

Wildfires are unpredictable and disastrous, so take every precaution to prevent a fire from spreading to your home. In the unfortunate event that your home is affected by a fire, we can help with the aftermath by dealing with your insurance company. Contact Action Public Adjusters for more information about the claim process. We have your best interest in mind and will get you the settlement you deserve.