What to do after a flood

Floods can be caused by anything from heavy rain to leaking pipes. They can be even more unpredictable when Mother Nature is involved.

Learning what to do after a flood is important to ensure the safety of your family and home. Here are some tips to help you in the event of a flood.

Check for Damages Prior to Re-Entering

If the flood is serious enough that you must leave your home, be cautious when you return. The Federal Emergency Management Agency advises checking for visible structural damage, like cracked or loose foundation before re-entering your home. Contact your local public utility companies if you suspect damage to water, gas, or waste disposal lines.

Protect Your Health

The health of you and your family should be your first priority after a flood. Despite how clear the water may be, it can be contaminated by sewage waste or chemicals. Avoid exposure if possible to prevent injuries and water-borne diseases.

Document the Damage

Take photos or videos of all the damage before reaching out to your insurance company. Digital versions are best for documenting because they are easy to access and can be sent quickly.

Update Your Insurance Policy

Ensure your insurance policy is updated to cover flood causes, as most insurances don’t cover floods caused by environmental factors. If that is the case, find out if you live in a disaster area and make sure your insurance covers extreme weather conditions.

Knowing what your insurance covers is important when updating your policy. Insurance companies often do not make it clear that flood insurance has eligibility requirements. For example, they may not cover any damage caused by moisture, mildew, or mold that could have been avoided by the owner. Public adjusters can help demystify the policy and work in your best interest to ensure that if you do file a claim, you recoup damages to the property.

Water damage due to flooding is one of the most frequent types of claims that we handle. Contact Action Public Adjusters to help you with your claim. With over 25 years of experience in public adjusting, you can be sure we have your best interest in mind.