When lightning strikes

Summer is finally here, and that means it’s time to prepare yourself and your home for thunderstorms. The National Severe Storms Laboratory estimates that over 16 million thunderstorms occur each year, and the humidity of summer makes it the most dangerous season for this natural disaster.

A thunderstorm may sound less severe than a hurricane, but a bad storm can still wreak havoc on your home. Heavy rainfall can cause flash flooding, hail damages roofing and windows, and a lightning strike could result in a fire. It’s important to be prepared should your home be affected by a severe thunderstorm this summer.

Preparing Your Home

Before lightning strikes, there are several steps you can take to ensure you and your home are prepared for the storm. Clear branches from your yard and around your home, as heavy winds could carry them through the air and damage your property. Be sure to close all windows and doors tightly to prevent wind or debris from entering your home. Also, use surge protectors and unplug all electronics to reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

What to Do in the Aftermath

After the storm has passed, stay safely indoors until at least 30 minutes after you hear the last thunderclap. Inspect the interior and exterior of your home cautiously; if you see smoke or downed power lines, call 911 immediately.

If your home has been damaged by the storm, it’s important to contact a licensed public adjuster to help you navigate the claims process. While your insurance company will likely try to pay out as quickly as possible, a public insurance adjuster takes the time to ensure you get a fair settlement. A public adjuster will conduct an on-site inspection of your home, create a detailed list of what needs to be restored, and determine what’s covered by your current insurance policy before building a proper claim.

Thunderstorms can be devastating to your home, and the claims process that follows is often confusing and complex; let our public adjusters deal with the insurance company, so you can focus on recovering from your loss. If your home has been affected by a thunderstorm – or other natural disaster, fire, or flood – contact Action Public Adjusters today.